Distribution Work

Distribution fruits for hospital patients

We spend a lot of money here and there for various entertainment activities. And at the same time I feel that patients need healthy food in hospital and fruits is one of the source for healthy food and that’s I’ve started fruits distribution to patients and feel that its the basic need. I have started this project with the help and support of my relatives, friends and well wishers and now facing little difficulties to continue my project due to crisis of funds. I’ve decided that I’ll continue my project forever till my life, The purpose was to bring sweets, bibles, necessities, and the gospel to patients.

Clothes distribution

 The Clothing distribution is an expression of the church’s concern for poor people in need. Emmanuel ministry provides for the distribution of clothing, striving to provide adequate clothing for families, homeless person, those in transition from relocation or re-entry into the workforce, or any person with an identifiable need. It was established in 2004 and serves 200 people every month.